SU 2014: One Step Greener

We wanted our summer to be greener .

To meet new friends, to climb the tops, to feel like winner.

To ride the horses, to hike and swim, to laugh and love, enjoy here dinner .

That’s why we chose SU: One step greener…

Each of us lives his unique and unforgettable story during AEGEE Summer Universities and after which there are certain phrases, simple words or objects, piece of music and , of course, photos which will always take us back to the special moments of SU. Our story started like this. The members of AEGEE-Yerevan met a group of 14 young and active participants who arrived in Yerevan on the 1st of August full of expectations to spend 11 crazy and ‘’Green’’ days in Armenia. It was the beginning of a nice story of new experience, discoveries, adventures and inspirations...

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Europe Day 2014

On 24 May, AEGEE-Yerevan joined the closing ceremony of EuropeDay2014 Information Week. Several formal and cultural events were scheduled on the occasion During the information fair organised at the Freedom Square all the guests had the opportunity to learn about more than 60 EU-funded projects concerning education, environment, culture, fighting poverty, migration issues and many more. The representatives of all the projects presented to guests the details of their projects and provided them with informational leaflets...

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AEGEE-Yerevan Members Participated in the AUNA Euroclub Ukraine Roundtable Event

On May 17, 2014 the members of AEGEE-Yerevan participated in the AUNA Euroclub thematic debate on the current situation and political developments in Ukraine. The event was hosted at the EU Centre in Armenia. The discussion was introduced by a group of young panelists, namely by Mr. Suren Avetisyan (Co-director at International Development Area NGO, International Affairs Analyst), Mr. Raffi Elliott (Blogger and Political commentator focusing on political and economic developments in Eastern Europe and Caucasus) and Mr. Sos Avetisyan (Regional Master Programme in Human Rights and Democratization). The floor was open for the comments and questions from the audience...

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AEGEE-Yerevan Steps towards the EU Roadmaps for Engagement with the CSOs

On 16 May, 2014, the delegation of AEGEE-Yerevan led by President Ms. Sona Yeghiazaryan and the Member of Supervisory Board Ani Khachatryan participated in the consultation on “the EU Roadmap for Engagement with Armenian Civil Society”, organized by the EU Delegation to Armenia. The consultation took place at the Ani Plaza hotel’s Ani Hall and was launched with the Opening Speech by Mr. Hoa-Binh Adjemian, the Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation to Armenia. The objective of the workshop was to facilitate the input of Civil Society Organizations in the context of elaboration of EU Roadmap for engagement with civil society...

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Solemn Ceremony dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of ANSA

On 16 May, 2014, the President of AEGEE-Yerevan Ms. Sona Yeghiazaryan and the Chairman of Supervisory Board of AEGEE-Yerevan Mr. Armenak Minasyants attended the solemn ceremony of celebration of 10th anniversary of establishment of the Armenian National Students’ Association (ANSA). The ANSA is the organization of 17 local student unions from all over Armenia which aims to advocate, promote and protect educational, social, economic, cultural interests and rights of over 90 thousand Armenian students (June 2013) both on national and international level. In their congratulation address the members of AEGEE-Yerevan highlighted the strong partnership developed within the last years, as well as emphasized the importance of the ANSA’s European aspiration...

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Increasing Youth Employability in Armenia

On 10th May, 2014 AEGEE-Yerevan / Yerevan European Students’ Forum Association Youth NGO / in the partnership with the EU Centre in Armenia organized the training course “Increasing Youth Employability in Armenia”. The youth unemployment is not only local or European, but a global issue, with varying levels of severity across different countries. The main aims of the training course were easing the transition from the education system to the labour market for young Armenians, increasing youth employability and the recognition of voluntary work as working experience and empowering Armenian young people to effectively transform their skills, knowledge and preferences into employment...

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Fit to Work

“Fit to Work” which took place in Moldova, Balti was a 9-day long project designed for 24 young adults from EU countries (Czech Republic, Spain, Italy), Pre-Accession countries (Turkey), and Neighboring Partner countries (Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine). The main goals of the project were to focus on the problem of unemployment in these countries, identify the main challenges of unemployment, suggest solutions to involve young people in the job market, discuss stereotypes and prejudices regarding employment,  write a CV and Cover Letter,  acquire interview skills. The project consisted of a number of round table discussions, interactive activities, and workshops conducted by experienced trainers in this field.

Fit to work Tatev: The training course enlarged my knowledge connected with une...

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E-mpower V-olunteering for S-uccess

EVS.“E-mpower V-olunteering for S-uccess’’ In April 2014, the participants of AEGEE-Yerevan  and Armenian Progressive Youth NGO took part in a training course “E-mpower V-olunteering for S-uccess” which was organized by Youth Alliance AISI in Kobuleti, Georgia. The focus of the course was the voluntary service as a means of promoting young people’s active citizenship, fostering mutual understanding  between the youth coming from different countries and having diverse cultural, social and religious backgrounds. One of the main goals of the course was to empower youth workers involved in EVS (in the field of mentoring and supporting volunteer), give them a platform for networking and exchanging good and also bad practices...

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Local Agora

On the 11th of April the Local Board of AEGEE-Yerevan organized the Local Agora , during which many important topics were discussed and the new projects and activities were presented.

Local Agora of AEGEE-Yerevan CD Assistant/Policy Officer for European Neighbourhood Policy at AEGEE Europe Mr. Armenak Minasyants opened the Local Agora and discussed the implemented projects, afterwards the president of AEGEE-Yerevan: Sona Yeghiazaryan presented the upcoming events and projects. During the second part of Agora the Heads od Local Committees ( PR, HR, ER, LA) presented the committees, their objectives and main activities as well as declared an open call for new committee members. Afterwards, New Members’ Welcoming Party started with lots of games and FUN.

Local Agora       Agora afterparty

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ERASMUS+ Info Action Day 2

7 March, 2014 AEGEE-Yerevan in cooperation with EU Centre organized second “Erasmus+ Info Action Day” youth event at EU Centre in Yerevan. The Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Traian Hristea opened the Info Action Day. In the words of Ambassador Hristea Erasmus+ supports organisations to work in transnational partnership and to share innovative practices in the fields of education, training, youth and sport. “This programme gives opportunities to students, trainees, staff and volunteers to spend a period abroad to increase their skills and employability at home,” the Ambassador said...

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