City of Rocks, City that Rocks | Summer University 2011

Armenia, being one of the oldest countries in the world and being more than 5000 years old, has dozens of ancient historical monuments, old and sometimes collapsed churches, beautiful mountains and landscape… and, most importantly, world’s longest ropeway is in Armenia! All of that is going to be attended by our participants. And not only. We are not based only on journeys around “the past”, exploring our culture and having good time doing all that. We also have a very exciting fesival being held in Yerevan during our SU: The Golden Apricot International Film Festival that carries the theme Crossroads of Cultures and Civilizations and is held in Yerevan. It’s a nice cultural event dedicated to films as well about Armenian culture and history, which we’ll be watching. We will organize treasure hunts around Yerevan with cultural references. We have also a very good guide among our members, he will be guiding our participants around and outside Yerevan. But this is not yet it! We don’t plan to just send our Summer University down in history. We intend to shoot a little film about it, which naturally will make our Summer University even more challenging and creative. And therefore we are to do the shooting, the acting, the editing. There will be trainings on how to shoot good photos and movies, about the basics of editing photos on Photoshop and movies! Still we also remember about the fun part, which is a necessary precondition for any youth event. In a word, we make our Summer University very interesting, instructive, creative and full of AEGEE!